World Leader In Scanning Industrial Turbines

New Technology Ideal For Scanning Turbines

Above shows the traditional method using the Z+F Imager® 5006h. However, with the introduction of the new Z+F Imager® 5010, is the worlds fastest eye safe scanner, high speed data collection has moved in a new direction and has even more applications, especially for scanning Heavy Duty Turbines.

With improvements in range, size, and weight, and retaining the internal hard drive and battery pack with their operating temperature of -10°C to 45°C, This 100% stand alone scanner, can now scan in even more difficult to access locations, confined spaces, and in the most extreme conditions. In addition, long range dark objects and close range high reflective / shiny objects have Improved Resolution.

These stand alone improvements also remove the handicap of scanning with heavy external battery packs, large cumbersome tripods and umbilical connections to laptops. All of which are problematic when scanning in congested areas. For Example: On, around and under Small, Medium and Heavy Duty Turbines.