Scaffolding: Developing a Competitive Advantage

Scaffolding designers are now adopting the same technology and principles used by EPC companies. Piping and structural  designers are using laser scan data and Digital Twin 3D models to decrease the build time while increasing accuracy and service quality.

Being able to design scaffolding in a “Real World” digital environment allows all crafts, activities and operations to be taken into consideration during the design, which significantly reduces field modifications and schedule interruptions.

These accurate detailed scaffolding designs can be digitally sent to professional registered engineers when ‘stamped & approved’ engineering drawings are required. Not only does this expedite the design and approval process, it also provides an accurate breakdown of equipment required, therefore reducing transport and shipping costs to a minimum.

With the added speed and efficiency of planning and design, minimized ordering and shipping, etc. estimating improves, and precise competitive pricing achieved.