When Laser Scanning Isn’t An Option

noun: The use of photography in surveying and mapping to precisely measure distances between objects.

Capturing accurate data in hard to reach locations which are unstable or in constant motion can be extremely challenging.

Suspended 300ft above water, trying to accurately measure bolt hole locations on a suspension bridge is one such environment. To achieve a specified accuracy and using a tape measure and sketch pad was a challenge. Also Laser scanning was ruled out due to the distance from a stable platform, combined with the movement from passing traffic.

By safely lowering a surveyor in a basket. He was able to quickly place targets and take strategic photographs of the area and elements to be measured. All detailed measuring and QA checking was completed at the desk of the surveyor, in the safety and comfort of the office.

Due to the type and size of equipment, the additional advantages of photogrammetry are that it is more cost effective and easier to mobilize.

Case Study

Project Capture Bolt and Bolt Hole Positions I Location New Orleans
Survey Duration 2 Man Crew - 1 Day I Model Production 2 hrs


Suspension Bridge
North Tower

Collecting Data