Oil & Gas

Capturing Data Quickly and Accurately in Hazardous Environments

Accurate – Data – Fast 

Combining Z+F Imager Scanners

with Leica TPS Total Stations

Capturing 360° x  320° scans in less then 2 minutes with ≤ 1 mm linear error, the rugged industrial grade Z+F Imager scanners are ideal for the harsh environments found offshore. 

Safety : A Core Value

The Z+F Imager scanners use a Class 1 laser which is classified as eye safe and can be used without restrictions.

The laser does not create heat or a spark and does not “trip” sensors.

The scanner is battery driven and is operated under a Hot Work Permit.

For added safety, sniffing devices are frequently used in high risk areas.

Designing In and Around

the Cloud of Points

Designers are able to accurately locate and identify tie-in points, rout lines and run clash detection checks to maximize accuracy and efficiency.