Scan today to protect the Future

Spill Containment Berms  :

Calculating Capacity

Accurate Volume Calculations.     

Adjusting & Optimizing Volume Constraints to Allow for Equipment, Piping, Foundations and Buildings.  

Identify Berm Low Points.  

Identify Potential Berm Failure Locations.

Maximize Real Estate for Expansions.  

Simulate Hazard and Emergency Spill Drills.

Run spill simulations to identify containment levels and berm integrity


Many of the laser scanning projects were under less than desirable schedule and budget constraints and frequently difficult environmental conditions. In spite of these conditions Simon consistently displayed great professionalism. His knowledge of all aspects of digital surveying techniques and their application to 3D modeling applications is outstanding.

Lanny Ottosen

I would recommend Simon to any company who needs extensive expertise in survey, scanning or project management. He is a hard worker with a good sense of ethics.

Stuart Roberts

The survey/scan team were friendly, fast and kept out of our way, allowing us to continue operations during the time they were there. I expected a three or four day on site project, they finished up and were gone in two days, and we received the digital scan product the next week (all ahead of schedule). Highly recommended.”

Bill Hall

Midstream Clients