Project:  Scan for Cable Replacement Study


Scope of Work:  The Proof of Concept Pilot Project (Zone-1) was to document the As-Is conditions of the internal bridge structure and to identify and locate all existing cables, anchor points and penetrations.


Engineering Problems Solved:

  • The new cable was larger in diameter than the original. To accommodate for the additional girth, the anchor slots and bridge structure needed to be modified to allow the new cable to pass freely to the anchor points at the top of the tower and the bottom on the road deck.

  • Each cable penetrated the anchor slots and the structure at different and unique angle. In addition, the weight and sag of the cable further distorted the cables line of travel.

  • The confined space and access routes from deck to deck within the bridge made surveying and scanning a challenge, Target to Target .

  • Identified the specific locations at each penetration where an adjustment for clearance was needed and evaluate the minimal cutting and grinding needed at each location.

Based on the scan data, engineering drawings were supplied to identify specific areas to grind and cut.

The following images are internal scans of Zone-1 identified above.

Scanning directly between decks allowed for excellent target to target registration.

For this project a specialized bracket was designed and built for ladder and hatchway scanning

Multiple internal scans were taken on the top 4 decks of the bridge using survey and target to target registration.


Ladder bracket designed for multi deck scanning and target to target registration

Scan detail of existing cable anchor structure.

Deck to deck cable penetration points picked up in detail.


Kyle, Mike and Ian,

I’d like to thank you and the rest of the Kiewit team for your efforts on this. We think that this represents a significant improvement in both the process and the product worthy of special mention.

Michael Smart, PE

International Bridge Technologies, Inc.