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       Kvaerner Surveys : Warrington, UK.  1994

Simon Atkinson
CEO / Founder of Texas Surveys Ltd.


B.Sc Building Studies  :  Anglia University, UK

Grad. Dip. Construction  :  Anglia University, UK

30+ Years Experience in Surveying and Construction 

25+ Years Experience in As-Built Data Collection / PM

          Photogrammetry & Laser Scanning 

          3D As-Built Model Production

          Survey & Point Cloud Registration

Projects Director: 350+ Projects,  250+ CCGT’s,  In Over 50 Countries



Simon consistently displayed great professionalism. His knowledge of all aspects of digital surveying techniques and their application to 3D modeling applications is outstanding. Simon is gifted with a blend of personality, outstanding communication skills, presentation skills and technical knowledge which allow him to fit in with the field engineering office or the corporate board room. Simon was a pleasure to work with. He has the kind of talent successful organizations seek.

Lanny Ottosen CDI Corp.

Simon is the standard for Laser Scanning. I have worked with him for almost 20 years and nobody understands the process better than he. If you want something scanned correctly and to trust it is accurate, Simon is the man!.

Harold Vicknair E-Cad

Simon’s knowledge of Dimensional Control and 3D Laser Scanning is second to none. His exceptional experience within this field expands over 30 years and is evident in the quality, accuracy, quick delivery and professionalism he prides himself on. Although based in the US, his portfolio is extensive, not only domestic but numerous international projects. I have had the pleasure of working with Simon for the past 20 years and would highly recommend him, his team and his services

Neal Andrews Z+F UK