An Introduction To Laser Scanning

Basics About Laser Scanning

Laser Scanning is the process of capturing large amounts of AS-Built or As-Is data very Quickly and Safely, using high speed precision surveying equipment.

The data captured by the scanner is called a Point Cloud, (or Cloud of Points) as each file is made up of literally millions of points. Each point has several attributes which include a reflectance value which distinguishes shade or color, a Northing, Easting and Elevation Coordinate which references the points position, etc.

Registration is the process of referencing each point cloud file, with a regular survey file. The survey file in turn, is referenced to local or plant Monuments or Bench Marks. Registration aligns and orientates each scan file to a real world position.

By digitally storing and processing the scan data, a very detailed and accurate As-Built 3D deliverable can be produced. Such deliverables provide a Virtual Reality Environment at the desk of the designer, which can be shared between offices and around the world via the internet.

Case Study

Project Dismantle, Ship & Relocate HF Unit I Location Bristol UK
Survey Duration 3 Man Crew - 5 Days I Model Production 200 hrs

Point Cloud Data
From Scanner

3D As-Built Model
From Scan Data

Photograph Of The
Existing Facility