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Texas Surveys : A Global Service Provider in Laser Scanning & Digital Twin Modeling  

A Global Service Provider with over 25 years experience in Digital Twin data collection and Dimensional Control project management. Simon Atkinson the owner and founder of Texas Surveys started surveying and collecting as-built data in 1994 and has been a pioneer and developer of laser scanning best practices since 1997. Using Proven Data Capture Techniques, and the fastest phase based scanners in the world from the Z+F Imager range, Texas Surveys regularly captures over 80 Scans Per Day including target setup and survey.

Capturing 80+ scans per day allows for more data collected at a significantly reduced cost. Texas Surveys is completely flexible and will work to provide whatever deliverable is required. Clients are not tied down to a specific software or working procedure, and can request alternate deliverables at little or no extra cost. Texas Surveys project management and field crews have a proven track record Delivering On Schedule And Within Budget.

Texas Surveys consistently¬†delivers Accurate And Complete Data. Multiple deliverables are available. Customizable and scalable deliverables include: Registered Point Clouds in LFM Server And Cyclone Databases to highly detailed Digital Twin (as-built / as-is) 3D Models. 3D Models can be delivered in the format of your choice: , AutoCAD, SmartPlant, Microstation, E3D, Creo, Pro/E, NX, Solid Works, SolidEdge, Catia, …etc. All Deliverables Are Customizable And Scalable to include as much or as focused detail as required.

Texas Surveys has a structured business model designed to reduce costs, provide the Best Competitive Rates and Lowest Lump Sum Bids. Through a combination of telecommuting, asset sharing, enhanced data collection techniques and processing data across multiple time zones, Texas Surveys provides the most Cost Effective Solution.