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How much time does your team spend traveling to your project sites to inspect and take manual field measurements?


How often does your team need to use and rely on old, out of date drawings?


How does rework affect critical schedules, reputation, profits and shareholders dividends?


Imagine having all the measurements and data you need for your Engineering Conversion, Modification & Upgrade in a matter of days with a Digital Twin 3D Model, accurate and complete to  ±1/8″ (±3mm). 


Texas Surveys has over 25 years professional experience providing Digital Twin Data Collection, Dimensional Control & Project Management Services for CCGT’s within companies like: Exxon, General Electric, MHPS, Duke Energy, Valero, et al.


Below are the benefits you can experience using our Data Collection & Digital Twin technology:

  • Accurate Power System Digitized Data

  • Reduced Rework.

  • Faster Design Time and Expedited Engineering.

  • Reduced Unit Shutdown Time for Inspections, Maintenance, Projects and Turnarounds.

  • Overall Improved Productivity: Design – Engineering – Construction – Commissioning.

  • Reduced Risk + First Time Fit for: Prefabricated Piping, Structural Items and Equipment.

  • Maintain or Improve Marketplace Reputation for Quality of Work and Accurate Scheduling.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs by using Asset Management Software with a Digital Twin.

  • All the above combined will result in Improved Bids, Reduced Waste and Increased Profits.


Depending on the size of the project, our Project Managers and Field Crews can scan and survey a site in two days and deliver a visual database within 72 hours of leaving the site.  We can also provide a Digital Twin 3D Model within 14 days of data collection.


All of the deliverables and customized and scalable to your needs and include the following formats:

  • Registered Point Clouds in LFM Server and ReCap Databases, et al.

  • Highly detailed Digital Twin (as-built /as-is) 3D Models

  • 3D Models can be delivered in the format of your choice: AutoCAD, SmartPlant, E3D, Creo

  • Additional formats include: Microstation, Pro/E, NX, Solid Works, SolidEdge, Catia, etc.


We offer extremely competitive rates and low lump sum bids so that cost does not play a major factor in getting you an exact digital representation of your assets.